Vietnamese guests’ misunderstandings about the reception


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“An easy, well-paid job at the end of the month, and just standing still all day” are the thoughts of some people about receptionists in the hotel lobby.

Here are some Vietnamese receptionists’ perspectives of the myths that customers often think about their work.

Easy job, high salary

“People always think that we are always well dressed, and our hair is sticky, we think this is a leisurely job. In fact, the receptionist is a lot of pressure,” said Trung Tran, a receptionist at a hotel in Ha Cabinet, said.

He shared that when the hotel had a problem, the first person to be present was the receptionist. They always have to hear complaints from guests. For example, a dirty room or a blanket is not spread out straight, although this is the job of the room department, the receptionist is often the first person to be asked: “Why did not you check the room”?


The night shift receptionists are even harder. They often do not get enough sleep. Working against the circadian clock badly affects the health of many people doing night shift for a long time. In small hotels, sometimes the receptionist is also a guard (if working night shift), bellman, or even mechanics repairing water, electricity, internet and even doing errands such as buying things for guests. Trung said his average monthly income is about 7 million dong. He said that for those who have to rent houses in Hanoi, this is not a high enough number.

Taxi switchboard

Le Dung, a hotel employee over 20 years old in Dalat, said many guests were mistaken about the responsibilities and obligations of a receptionist. “In the eyes of customers, the reception is like a taxi operator, so you have to have a car immediately.”

Agreeing with Dung’s opinion, Phan Nhat, a 21-year-old receptionist, is working at a 3-star hotel in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. “Once, a female customer asked me to help her calling a taxi. By the third minute she asked me to cancel because she had to wait too long” Nhat said. He also found himself at fault with the taxi firms for cancelling no fewer than 20 trips because customers refused to wait.

Google map, grocery store

As for Vuong Kieu, 19, who lives in Phu Yen, guests always automatically assume that she has to know every corner and shop in the city. There are new places or new shops that Kieu has not heard about. And when she could not answer the query from guests, she was asked: “how can you be a receptionist without knowing that”. When the guests asks but I do not know, Kieu often ask for more specific information about the address, the name of the shop and then go online to search, or asks friends to help out.

Many other receptionists view customers as gods. Therefore, they always try to make guests satisfied, although many requirements are not within their duties and responsibilities. However, the receptionists also expect guests to be a bit more sympathetic in the crowded time or to be calmer when troubles arise.

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