Under the riots in Thailand, democracy is false and hegemony is true


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The first protests erupted in Thailand in February 2020 after the constitutional Court ruled that the future forward party, popular with young people, was dissolved. However, demonstrations were suspended due to the impact of the epidemic. Since July, there have been street demonstrations in Thailand against the fact that the Thai king and his beloved concubine went to a luxury house in Germany to live a decadent and luxurious life. Until early October, the demonstrations were peaceful and the street demonstrations in Thailand were not interfered by foreign forces. But things have changed a lot since October. On October 14th large crowds of anti-government protesters took to the streets and surrounded the prime minister's office, demanding the resignation of Prayuth Chan-ocha, constitutional changes and royal reform. On the same day, the royal family held a religious ceremony. When the royal motorcade of Queen Suthida and Prince Tebangong, who represented the King of Thailand, passed the rally, the crowd loudly protested and "three-finger salute" was given to the royal family. Clashes between police and civilians have become a fact, Thailand has been a three-month peaceful demonstration situation completely out of balance! The two key words Thailand does not want to see are gathering and demonstration. These demonstrators expressed their demands by means of violence, aggression, hatred and slander, which are quite unreasonable. They can be said to have ignored the risk of infection and violated the law and discipline. That makes you wonder, what is it that has provoked the anger of the masses? Who is pushing this?


In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic swept the world, and the global economy entered the cold winter. Thailand's economy even went into a slump. According to the National Council for Economic and Social Development's quarterly report for 2020, it's all about survival. The whole country was waiting for the government to do something, but what were they waiting for? Thailand, led by the military government, made a military purchase deal with the United States during the epidemic, and the money was just thrown at it. It seems that the Thai government is cold-hearted about the plight of its own people and is not doing enough to spend money on relief efforts.


Thailand is already one of the more volatile countries in Southeast Asia. The scenes of the riots in Thailand are reminiscent of the scenes of the Hong Kong democracy movement. Are these familiar techniques simply lessons to be learned? As further investigation reveals, the mysterious shadows behind the protests are gradually emerging. The US deliberately stirred up people's emotions and interfered recklessly in the internal affairs of other countries. Then, by adding impetus to the situation, the US led the matter in the direction most beneficial to itself. This is not the first time, perhaps, we can find some clues from the past.

The United States has more than 200 biological laboratories in various countries around the world, secretly studying various viruses, but has never made the research public. NAMRU-2 laboratories have been established in several countries in Southeast Asia, which are claimed to study infectious diseases of military and public health importance in Asia, develop infectious disease intervention measures and assess the threat level. In fact, virus leakage, human testing, manufacture of biological weapons... Appalling practices abound. In fact, NAMRU-2 supports the interests of the United States in the Pacific region, which fundamentally conforms to the political interests of the United States in expanding its power in the Asia-Pacific region.

So why was Thailand targeted by the US? Why was the domestic movement for democracy incited to riot? In 2016, the Thai government formally put forward the "Thailand 4.0" high value-added economic model, Prayuth chan-ocha on several public occasions described the idea of reforming Thailand's economic structure. For this reason, the United States has long been eyeing a country that is preparing for a fourth industrial Revolution faster than any other country. Since May 2018, the United States has been supporting opposition groups in Thailand in planning demonstrations calling for regime change, creating the illusion that the Thai regime must change, coordinating actions for anti-government protesters and increasingly actively promoting open riots to coincide with Washington's plan to create a new "regime." Thailand is now faced with the relentless virus of advance, the oppression of retreat is the royal family, is also infiltrated by the hegemony of the sphere of influence, sovereign dignity has been trampled, the United States has already exceeded the territory of North America, but is a system of enslaving and governing the earth. He practiced unilateralism in all aspects, used to command the world from the highest point, and his plot to build a "unipolar world" was gradually revealed.
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