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    TOUCH – TO U from Caring Hearts is a non-profit youth organization founded and sustained by high school and university students. We design and organize relevant English-speaking events for fellow students, with an aim to facilitate them to step out of their comfort zones while honing their English skills. By providing physically and mentally challenging activities under dynamic (some times even harsh) conditions, we push our participants to go beyond the norm and further than their habitual limits - so they can understand their capabilities and appreciate their sense of self better, as well as form lasting relationships with like-minded counterparts.


    I/ TOUCH and TOUCH’19-20

    Every year TOUCH recruits a new generation of Organizing Team (a.k.a Org Team) to be fully in charge of that year's projects - from the ideation to the execution. The people are different, but the characteristics of Org Team remain the same throughout generations. We in Org Team are young, passionate, and highly resilient. Regardless of how "cool and composed" people deem we are, we are still a bunch of kids at our finest. We are unprofessional, and (super) chaotic. There is always support from our peers, but little resources to utilize, and especially no already-laid-out path to follow. We have to start from scratch, navigate the way by ourselves, find what works for us and what not - and all of those experiences altogether allow us to tint TOUCH's projects with our own colors.

    Carrying on the mission of TOUCHing people's hearts, there is a collection of possibilities and activities waiting for gen '19-20 to launch! And for that, WE NEED YOU!


    1. Warm friendship:

    In Org Team, we are friends before we are colleagues. We talk informally regardless of the age gap. Our brainstorming sessions are usually (if not always) made up of 60% discussing and throwing in ideas, and 40% chatting and bonding. You don't just join TOUCH - you join our circle of friends, too!

    2. Gain first-hand experience:

    Organizing events entails a myriad of tasks and possibilities. Therefore, joining TOUCH, you and other Org Team members will have to work on a lot of tasks, especially in many fields, e.g. negotiating sponsorship benefits, dealing venue's prices. Be prepared for challenges that you have never faced before! But hey, that's how we all gain first-hand experience, right?

    3. Develop core skills:

    The good thing about challenges is that they bring plenty of opportunities for growth. Once you are a part of Org Team and confront difficulties with us, you will be able to hone your soft skills, and subsequently build up your confidence. Some of the skills that we have witnessed our fellow team members improve include but not limited to stress management, project management, public speaking, negotiation and communication skills


    We are now looking for young minds to join us in: PR, Program (PG), Logistics (LOG), and External Relations (ER). Generally speaking, we need those who possess the following attributes:

    ⁃ Team player with an open mind

    ⁃ Self-reliant, can work without much supervision needed

    ⁃ Self-disciplined, have a strong sense of responsibility and good time management skill (meet your deadlines, folks!)

    ⁃ Have strong commitment (must be able to attend bi-weekly meetings)

    ⁃ Have a good command of English

    Now let's dig a little bit deeper into the team(s) you are interested in!

    PR (content):


    - Produce compelling contents for our communication (both online and offline)

    - Brainstorm and execute PR campaigns (both online and offline)

    - Manage public communication (including email, fanpage, etc.)


    - Adept writing skills, both in English and Vietnamese

    - Adept communication skills

    - Flexible, can take on last-minute deadlines

    - Knowledge of Photoshop, AI, or photography is preferred but not required

    PR (design):


    - In charge of graphics such as poster, leaflet, certificate, standee, bookmark, etc.

    - In charge of videos

    - Work closely with PR (content) and Project Managers


    - Efficient in Photoshop, AI, or photography

    - Willing to get improved from feedback

    - Flexible, can take on last-minute deadlines



    - Design original activities for all of TOUCH’s projects

    - Work closely with all teams to plan and execute projects smoothly


    - Strong command of English is a MUST (strong writing and speaking skills)

    - Enjoy creating weird and crazy activities

    - Have the guts to make silly ideas possible

    - Strong critical thinking

    - Flexibility - can build, execute, and improvise plans even at last minutes



    - Research and analyze venue options, and work with ER team to negotiate prices

    - Set up venues and games

    - Prepare and manage event/game necessities

    - Work closely with PG and ER to manage events under budget

    - Plan bonding activities for Org Team


    - Willing to take on challenges with great determination

    - Highly flexible, can free up time and rearrange own schedule if needed

    - Have a means of transportation, preferably a personal vehicle, and can travel a long distance



    - Manage fundraising campaigns

    - Research and contact potential sponsors

    - Maintain relationships with sponsors

    - Take charge of bookkeeping


    - Willing to meet sponsors (even 1-on-1) and negotiate sponsorship benefits

    - Not afraid of rejection

    - Detail-oriented


    - 10/09 – 18/09: Please fill out this Application Form (https://tinyurl.com/OrgTeam1920)

    - 25/09: First Round Result announcement

    - 28/09 – 29/09: Interview

    - 03/10: Interview Result Announcement

    - 06/10: Big Team Meeting


    For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us via:

    ● TOUCH’s Messenger: http://m.me/touchvn
    ● Email: contact.touchvn@gmail.com
    ● Phone number: 076 4833976 (Thanh Vy)

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