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    Tuyến giáo viên tiếng anh

    Language 24H Training Corporation, one of the top suppliers of educational solution in Hanoi, is welcoming excellent teachers. We offer attractive salaries for English teachers.


    - Be responsible for giving introduction, orientation, support and advice for students at the beginning of studying.
    - Be responsible for supporting and helping students during time they study at study room.
    - Design syllabus and monthly test for every student.
    - Give comments about students during the time they join Center Program.
    - Work with project manager to update materials and quality regularly
    - Guarantee score for students after finishing the course.


    - Competitive salary
    - Social and health insurance.
    - Annual performance bonus
    - Professional and friendly working environment
    - Academic and soft skill training courses

    Job Requirement:

    - Bachelor Degree in Education (English major), or Bachelor Degree in English
    - Achieved 6.5+ in IELTS or 87+ in TOEFL iBT.
    - Skillful in Internet, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office
    - Good knowledge of English and good knowledge of teaching methodology
    - More than 2-year-experience in teaching is a plus.
    - Be motivated, creative and flexible, friendly, hunger to succeed

    Application Process:

    - Interested applicants please send a CV (including photo) stating all the education, qualifications and teaching experiences to the following email addresses: tuyendung@ngoaingu24h.com – 096 232 0099
    - Experienced candidates and early submissions are preferable.
    - Deadline: 30/04/2015

    Head Office: No.22, Lane 1, Ha Noi University, Km9 Nguyen Trai St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Ha Noi
    Address 1: No.31, Lane 169, Tay Son St., Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi
    Address 2: No.64, Lane 49, Huynh Thuc Khang St., Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi

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