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Let's save this beautiful handbook to pick the right coffee space you want when coming to Da Nang! On a warm, sunny Monday morning with a cold breeze, you are exactly where your feet want to travel.

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How to choose the finest cup of coffee

Good coffee usually depends on three main factors: the origin of coffee, the skills of barista and the system of coffee machines to produce sustainable products.

As coffee lovers, you should prioritize and evaluate the first 2 factors.

Regular Vietnamese coffee at popular coffee shops often offers a bitter taste, black or opaque brown and dark aftertaste. Because coffee beans used there are usually processed with butter and other spices. As for specialty coffee, the barista only uses the original coffee beans, bearing original flavor and sweetness like when it was on the tree. The beans are roasted under the control of barista to cherish the essence within coffee beans.

When the coffee is served to customers, it has a pure color with deep brown or light shades depending on the preparation method you choose. And the aroma leaves a gentle aftertaste in the mouth, with many wonderful shades from tropical fruits to delicate fruits from temperate lands. The coffee beans sometimes have a strange taste like sweet candy, caramel flavor, which give customers a fantastic experience.

You should not drink coffee flavors that are too strong or too powerful, yet leave an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. It’s because the coffee has been processed too much, not good for your taste as well as your health.

In terms of the barista, let’s find a good one who could listen to your taste and feel. They will understand your mood, your day and give you a meaningful cup of coffee. Tasting some coffee from a cranky Barista can't make you happy. And coffee from an inexperienced and unprofessional person will never light up your day.

How to choose a place to enjoy coffee

If you are traveling with family and friends, find an outdoor space with a bit of sunshine. It is also time to help you have a sunbath and absorb happy energy from vitamin D. Outdoor space will make you relax in the airy atmosphere. Besides, the KOI fish pool makes the landscape looks alive. The girl and boy kids in your family will also love these friends.

If you have coffee alone and need your own space, long tables or a small corner will help you concentrate on your work and find ideas. The air is filled with the pleasant aroma of coffee machines, your nerve will work more effectively.

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