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SPYFY REVIEW have made their fortunes in recent years with t-shirt marketing . . . and it’s popularity shows no signs of letting up. SpyFy digs deep to uncover similar campaigns in different niches to build powerhouse profits for you.


We didn’t limit searches to just one t-shirt platform either.

SpyFy returns results from the popular tee platforms of Teespring, Fabrily, Sun Frog, Viral Style, Tee Chip, Teezily and Represent so you get access to campaign information you won’t see from our competitors’ tools

Gain access to current and past tee campaigns so you can see all tees related to your keyword to get ideas for viral campaigns you can copy, paste and scale up fast

Filter down by active/non-active campaigns - big time saver, as you won’t waste time viewing non-active campaigns if you choose not to see them

Filter by Social Network - see which designs are most popular on FB, Twitter or Pinterest, so you can laser target and tailor your own campaigns for what’s working best on individual social media networks

Check out fronts AND backs of shirts - This feature is incredibly powerful. Use keyword filtering to find ‘mix & match’ ideas in your chosen niche for 2-sided shirts which bring in higher overall profits.

Gain ideas for both time-limited and evergreen campaigns - Look deep within the hottest tee campaigns on all the major platforms. Cash in fast by catching viral trends… to make long-term profits from evergreen campaign ideas

Module 4:eCommerce (the hottest, most explosive industry online) (CLICK TO EXPAND IMAGE)

SpyFy uncovers top products, rankings, and traffic stats from major eCommerce platforms Shopify, Amazon & Ebay

Find the most popular physical products in your niche with SpyFy’s eCommerce module. . . add these products to your own stores & target with relevant interests from our FB Ad Tool . . . and find your ad campaigns in profit almost from the start

SPYFY REVIEW eCommerce module comes with a pre-loaded database of 28k Shopify stores to spy on . . . search by global rank, traffic volume and traffic stats to hone in on items with the largest profit potential allowing you to scale up your own store’s offerings faster

Create huge return-on-investment from your ads by uncovering the products with the most appeal to your niche audiences

Sort the Amazon & Ebay platforms by top reviews to find the very best products your audience loves and trusts. . . which puts more jingle into your pocket at the end of the day