Questions to ask your Magento eCommerce Agency ?

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    Questions to ask your Magento eCommerce Agency ?

    Every Magento eCommerce Agency has their own way of client handling. producing a result as per clients expectation is what matters. Before you reach out to any Magento agency here is the best pick questions to ask before you kick off the project with them.

    1. A Full-service Firm :

    a full-service firm is nothing but providing end to end project development lifecycle management. the company which has a dedicated team for networking, development, quality assurance etc.

    The Size Of Your Magento eCommerce agency team?

    Size matters though it is a big or small firm! do they really have a big team of Magento expertise? each developer has uniquely skilled to handle a particular module at the expected time frame.

    3. Do they have certified developers?

    certification adds an extra advantage in their skill set which brings more trust factor with the firm. there are 4 types of certification where developer deals with

    • Magento Certified Solution Specialist
    • Front End Developer Certification
    • Certified Developer
    • Developer Plus
    4. Client Testimonial

    do the listed previous project achievement? it is suggested to check their website's client testimonial section which gives an impression on them and also to build trust.

    5. average turnaround time?

    Every company has their own time period to complete the project. choose the company wisely which promises to deliver the project as expected without any downtime and stick into the agile process.

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