Mẹo làm bài nghe theo chủ đề reports (báo cáo) – short talk

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Sau đây là chia sẻ một số từ vựng và cấu trúc hay sử dụng trong chủ đề Reports (Báo cáo), phần Short talk trong đề thi Toeic - TOEIC Listening.
1. Play an important role in ~
Exercise plays an important role in the retention of bone density in an aging person.

2. Keep A (person) posted with (on) B
Leave your email address and we will keep you posted on our newest services.

3. It has come to A’s attention that S+ V
It has come to management’s attention that there is a company-wide resistance to taking responsibility and thinking beyond one’s department.

4. Be open for business
The Metropolitan Department Store will not be open for business until the renovations have been finished.

5. be closed to the vehicle
Highway 2 will be closed to vehicles from this Thursday to next Tuesday

6. Be aware of
Since all of you are department heads, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities in relation to your staff members.

7. Lead a free discussion on ~
Rheumatologist Kurt Lewin will lead a free discussion on new treatments for people with arthritis from 10 a.m. to noon.

8. Have A (thing) ready to + V
Please have your tickets ready to hand to the driver as you board.

9. Receive a ten percent discount on
Passenger vehicle equipped with E-Z Pass will receive a ten percent discount on tolls.

10. Benefit from~
I am sure that we will benefit from the information that you have imparted on management techniques.

11. Please keep in mind that S+ V
Please keep in mind that you should not wear anything that may be too reflective such as hairpins or earrings.

12. S remain the same
The location and agenda will remain the same

13. Be promoted to (position)
David Costain was promoted to Director of Public Relations just two years ago.

14. Taper off
The snow keeps coming although the forecast shows the snow will taper off by the weekend.

15. On the east (west/south/north) side of
Visitor parking area is located on the east side of the building

16. Go out of business
Small dot-com companies are in danger of going out of business.

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