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On July 14th, Neil will launch very powerful software for business owners who want to find potential customers for their services.

It helps to reach customers with proven email snippets. Written by leading sales experts, helping you create a friendly new customer.

Here are a few reasons why this software outperforms the competition

+) The software actively searches for potential customers through social networking channels such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram...

+) In the software there are more than 20 data points to send to customers

+) Collect data for easy retargeting

+) There is a lot of data for advertising marketing

+) Help you know if your business is present on the Internet or not

+) Built-in email system

+) Closely monitor customers and optimize ads

+) It is sold at a very low price with only 1 time.

Finding potential customers is crucial to the success of any business. Whether you're a growing company, a global company, or planning to start a new business, it's important to identify which population segments to target to help your business grow. develop.

With Local leader software will help you solve all these problems on a single dashboard.

Agent Automation Training

Sharing from Vendor:

Lesson 1: Leading in the customer search market

Lesson 2: The recipe for cold email

Lesson 3: Build a list of potential customers

Lesson 4: Reach your first customer

Lesson 5: Formula to expand customers

Lesson 6: Creativity for cloning

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