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    Khai giảng khóa học "English for Logistics". Nhanh chân đăng ký, giảm 20% học phí !

    English for Logistics has been developed specifically for people who work in the logistics industry and who need English to communicate in a variety of situations with colleagues, clients, and business partners. This course supplies you with the target vocabulary and commonly used expressions that are essential to communication whether you work for a shipping agent, a customs broker, or a freight forwarder.
    The course’s contents cover a range of subject associated with the logistics industry. Learners in management-level positions will find their needs catered for, just as much as those in warehousing or administration. Units from the book work independently and can be selected according to the needs and interests of the course participants.

    - Sales, customer service and operation staffs of logistics companies.
    - The last-year students who would like to join logistics industry.

    Session 1: Introduction to Logistics
    - Setting the scene
    - Jobs in logistics
    - Regular activities
    Session 2: Logistics Services
    - Logistics acronyms
    - Product range
    - 3PL providers
    - Value-added services
    Session 3: Inventory management and procurement
    - Inventory management
    - Continuous replenishment
    - Job advertisements
    Session 4: Modes of transport
    - Transport and handling equipment
    - Container types
    - Types of goods
    Session 5: Planning and arranging transport
    - Transport options
    - Measurements
    - Quotations
    Session 6: Shipping goods
    - Markings
    - Advice of shipment
    - Shipping instructions
    Session 7: Warehousing and storage
    - Handling equipment
    - Warehouse areas
    - Warehousing today
    Session 8: Documentation and Finance
    - Documents in foreign trade
    - Import instructions
    Session 8: Warehousing and storage
    - Handling equipment
    - Warehouse areas
    - Warehousing today

    Khóa học này dành cho bạn nào hiện đang học ngành vận tải, ngoại thương và tương lai sẽ đảm nhận vị trí trong các công ty Logistic, một ngành tiềm năng ở Việt Nam.

    Chào mừng các bạn đến với khóa học của chúng tôi !

    Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết xin vui lòng liên hệ::KSV@02:
    Ms. Ho Trang
    Tel: 08.62973988
    Phone: 0916 867 917
    Email: trang.ho@logisticshub.vn


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