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    ICE Book Reader Professional v9.0.1 Lang Pack With Skin Pack


    ICE Book Reader Professional 9.0.1 + Lang Pack + Skin Pack - it is very convenient and powerful reader, electronic books and texts. ICE Book Reader Professional - this is the first alternative for the reader. LIT and. CHM files, not using the components of Microsoft Reader or Microsoft HELP. It is also possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as file converter: TXT-HTML, HTML-TXT, TXT-DOC, DOC-TXT, PDB-TXT, LIT-TXT, FB2-TXT etc. conversion of different code pages.

    ICE Book Reader Professional was created to make reading text files (electronic books) convenient and comfortable. Reading HTML pages, documents or mail differs from reading e-books. Reading books demands much more time. Therefore, the load on the eye is much stronger. Furthermore, reading is usually a continuous process. While during reading HTML of pages read to alternate with short rest.

    This means that for reading books should create more comfortable conditions. Otherwise eyes will quickly tire and there is a serious risk affect your vision. The main objective of ICE Book Reader Professional - to do everything possible to prevent deterioration of vision during long reading.

    Smooth Scrolling Text
    Precise control of scroll speed
    Automatically adjusted scroll speed
    Smooth Text
    Super scrolling with subpixel precision
    Wave scrolling
    Coloring the first letter of each paragraph and headlines
    Fully automatic format recognition, coding and language of the text
    Automatic reformatting and mode of the original layout

    Category: Multimedia
    Developer: ICE Graphics
    Platform / OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Language: Multilingual
    Year: 2010
    Medicine: Not required
    File size: 38.4 Mb
    File type: rar


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