[HOT JOB] Intern/Fresher PHP Developers

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    [HOT JOB] Intern/Fresher PHP Developers

    HOT JOB ⁉️ HOT JOB ⁉️
    #HCM #IT #Intern

    Working time: Mon – Fri; From 9:00 AM – 18:00 PM (flexible)
    Working place: District 10, HCMC

    Why do you choose us ??
    - Monthly allowance: 3,000,000 + FREE lunch + FREE parking lot
    - Other benefits: Attractive official offer after internship ends, diverse training activities

    - Be a member of a dedicated team
    - Program new scripts to crawl new sites, new strategies to overcome technical difficulties (IP blocked, encrypted data,..)
    - Keep on optimizing crawling process
    - Communicate with clients on innovations or improvements.

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