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    Gameloft Tuyển Dụng

    Localization Tester (Japanese Language)
    Job descriptions:

    Working at Gameloft Studio in HCMC in Quality Assurance department, being a part of the teams involved in developing mobile games for Japanese market, you will check the modified Japanese text in mobile games to make sure:

    • All texts in the text file are displayed at the same timing of the equivalent English text;
    • All displayed JP texts are displayed fully and no characters are missing;
    • The displayed texts fit correctly into their designated text boxes;
    • Gameloft has the legal rights to all JP fonts in the game, and that necessary attributions are included in the credits;
    • The font display is clear and easily readable;
    • Any JP language specific functionality is correct (eg. JP keyboards).

    · Good skills of Japanese reading and writing; Bachelor in Japanese is preferable;
    · Good English (reading and writing) to describe bugs in a concise style and make reports;
    · Interest and experience in playing video games; Good skill at playing game is an advantage;
    · Office computer literacy;
    · Attention to details;
    · Responsible, careful, result-oriented.

    If your skills set and interests align with the position, please send your CV and cover letter in English to:
    For more information, contact recruitment team: Tel: (84 8) 6 297 1158 Ext:100/102 , Email:

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