French Manicure Tips


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As nails salon 89102, manicure and pedicure become prima-donna treatment that ladies barely have an eagerness to achieve. The salons at nowadays also offering various of manicure with pros and cons each other. The most famous about manicure we have about gel nails manicure, acrylic manicure and french manicure.

French manicure is the one of manicure kind that come with offering simple sweet look. Despite in other place admit that french manicure is outdated but in the other side there are also peoples admit that manicure is still chic and can works well to echoed on your nails.French manicure merely need about simple elements cause the end itself also merely gain simple look, just pink or nude and white color on the tip is very nice to applied on your nails. French manicure can used on whatever moment, either formal or no like hang out with your friend.

French manicure can obtain by go to salon or nails techincian or diy instead. Because french manicure is easy enough to follow, nails salon 92660 thinks you totally can diy at your sweet home. Make able about manicure necessary like nails cut, nails buffer, nails polish (pink or nude and white) and nails remover. Before you go with the steps of attain french manicure, it would be fine if you soaking your hand on the warm water with salt contained it. Soaking about 15 minutes, it make your nails so clean and make it easier to do an act manicure. After that you have to make your hand dry, then continued by trim your nails in order to have neat of nails. Dab your nails in order to gain smooth surface of your nails using nails buffer, it help you to gain an optimum result of french manicure. Now you can applied nails polish with nude or pink atop your nails (let the tip keep no nails polish) after it dry you have to applied again on the tip nails using white color. Now, nice french manicure is belonging on you.