"Everything Is Nothing" and "Nothing Is Impossible"

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    "Everything Is Nothing" and "Nothing Is Impossible"

    Sweetbox - Everything Is Nothing...

    Maybe I just didn’t realize
    I can’t believe you wanna say goodbye
    Should have seen it coming long before
    And paid attention to you a little more
    I know I’ve done you wrong, now you’re almost gone
    All the lonely nights, let me make it right
    Still the world is turning
    And my heart is pumping
    Thoughts and emotions running through my veins
    It takes that special something
    To get my attention
    Everything is nothing, no it’s nothing
    If I don’t have you
    Do you remember when our love was new?
    We said we’ll be forever and it was true
    But we made promises much too hard to keep
    But we can make it work I do believe
    Everything comes true if you only knew
    What is meant to be doesn’t come easy
    We got away from what we had back then
    So don’t say it has to end
    The consequence I didn’t see
    You might walk away from me
    Taking it for granted you were mine
    Still the world is turning
    Any my heart is pumping

    ...Nothing Is Impossible - Westlife

    Isn't life strange
    A total mystery
    As we passed each day
    Did you notice me?

    And I know girl
    You\'ve been looking at me
    And I know now
    That you and me were meant to be
    What would it take to realise
    That in my heart
    No matter what they say

    No matter what they say
    When it comes to love
    Two hearts are inseparable
    No matter what they say
    When it comes to love
    Nothing is impossible

    Walking down that road
    It\'s coming back to me
    Did you feel it inside
    A thousand memories


    When it comes to you and me
    There\'s so much more
    Than they can see
    And that\'s how it\'s meant to be


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    Everything is possible ^^

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