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Project Assistant role & job specifications

Full-time/ Part-time

Vacancy: 1 position

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About us

Epsilon Mobile Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company established in 2010 specializing in digital publishing on mobiles and tablets with three main verticals: e-Survey, eLearning and Mobile Consulting. Working with some of the most demanded companies in region, Epsilon aims to translate technology, especially mobile technology into tangible business values. Through a combination of technology-related and general consulting engagements, our team grows to become counselor fluent in mobile industry, one of the most important strategic levers of today and tomorrow.


· Full-time (40 hours / week)

· Prepare many documents to assist the work of the team members, from meeting minutes to proposals and quotations.

· Act as the key project coordinator for all projects involved, always be ready to be contacted when any stakeholders of the project needs assistance.

· Act as key connector for all stakeholders in the project, link them to each other to get the jobs done.

· Make plans and assure that the projects are going through a correct process.

· Control the quality of the final product when necessary.

· Schedule meetings, arrange and recruit more team members as requested.

· Receive and make phone calls to overseas clients.


· Have an eye for detail and work with a high degree of accuracy. Those who never hesitate to confirm everything over and over again or read their emails at least 3 times before sending are the ones we are looking for.

· Excellent communication skills in English (written and verbal) for not just daily conversation but also for debating, discussing, persuading and even apologizing or entreating.

· Be hard-working and diligent, no matter how heavy the tasks are always patiently complete it with all efforts and endeavors.

· Be organized and have systematical thinking, know how to arrange and allocate tasks among team members.

· Be able to learn along the way, no one can teach you all over again and again so you have to be a quick learner with strong will.

· Have a sweet voice is a plus, the kind of voice that can melt people’s hearts.


· We worked with clients from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malay and US, hence working with us you will be exposed to international culture. Something like What does ‘lah’ means in Singlish? What is Good Friday? would be your daily questions.

· Training about Quality Control, Chinese, Business Analysts from senior guys in the industry are available for all members. We also have budgets for you to attend other courses as well.

· Business trip to Singapore at least once a year.

· Work in a small team so that you can understand the whole process and your value will be highly appreciated in any contributions you make.

· Epsilon positioned ourselves as the one who translate technologies into tangible business values, hence working with us, you will be exposed to both work. You will know about latest, new technologies such as augmented reality, mi band, neural sky, beacon... but also get to understand how they can be used in real life, real business.

Want to know more? Send your CV and Cover Letter to people@epsilon-mobile.com with the subject “[CV] Apply for Project Assistant at Epsilon Mobile”, NOW!!!