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    Các bài nghe tiếng Anh lớp 11 Ban cơ bản

    Các bài nghe tiếng Anh lớp 11 Ban cơ bản là tổng hợp các bài nghe trong sách giáo khoa tiếng Anh lớp 11 Ban cơ bản do Nhà xuất bản Giáo dục Việt Nam phát hành mà VnDoc xin được gửi đến các bạn tham khảo. Với các bài nghe tiếng Anh sẽ giúp các bạn học sinh luyện kĩ năng nghe tiếng Anh được hiệu quả hơn, chuẩn bị bài tập trước khi lên lớp được chắc chắn hơn.

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    Unit 1: FRIENDSHIP

    Lan's Talk

    My best friend is Ha. We've been friends for a long time. We used to live in Nguyen Cong Tru Residential in Hanoi. Her family moved to Haiphong in 1985. It is said that Haiphong people are cold, but Ha is really, really friendly. I started to get to know her when I was going on a two-day trip to Do Son last year and I didn't know anybody there. I gave Ha a ring and she was so friendly, she said, "Oh, I'll come to visit you." So she rode on her motorbike to Do Son and twenty minutes later she was there. She stayed with me for two days. She happened to know a lot of people there, so she introduced me around, and we've been
    best friends ever since.

    Long's Talk

    My best friend is Minh. We met in college. I was there singing and Minh was a guitarist. So we worked together a lot. Minh has a great sense of humour, he's very, very funny, and that's one of my favourite things about him. And over the years, we have been through good times and bad times with each other, and that's one of the things I like best about him. And we have a lot of the same interests. We like to go to plays and movies together. But when we're going through a rough time, he's really a good friend, and he's a very good listener, and he always helped me through.


    Unforgettable Experiences

    Interviewer: This is Radio 3. In our "Unforgettable Experiences" programme tonight we talk to Christina, a successful businesswoman. Hello Christina, welcome to our programme.

    Christina: Hello and thank you! It's nice being with you tonight.

    Interviewer: Christina, could you tell our audience about the most memorable experience in your life?

    Christina: Well, my most unforgettable experience happened thirteen years ago, when my house burned down.

    Interviewer: Really? How did it happen?

    Christina: The fire started in the kitchen where I forgot to turn off the gas stove.

    Interviewer: What were you doing at that time?

    Christina: I was sleeping when I was suddenly woken up by terrible heat. I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by walls of fire.

    Interviewer: That's terrible! How did you escape?

    Christina: I was terrified. Then I heard my mother's voice calling my name. I rushed to her. She carried me out. Luckily, I got away without even a minor burn.

    Interviewer: Not many people are so lucky. Did the fire affect you in any way?

    Christina: Oh, yes. Yes, very much, in fact. Although I lost many things in the fire, the experience helped me grow up.

    Interviewer: What do you mean?

    Christina: Well, before the fire, I was selfish. I always complained to my mother about how small my room was, or how few clothes I had. Then the fire came and destroyed everything we owned. But I slowly began to realize that I didn't really need my odd things. I just needed my family. After all, you can get new clothes anytime, but a family can never be replaced.

    Interviewer: I see, so the fire took many things from you, but it gave you some thing, too.

    Christina: Exactly. It taught me to appreciate my family more than things.

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