Best Places To Visit in Bora Bora, France

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    Best Places To Visit in Bora Bora, France

    Best Places To Visit in Bora Bora
    Matira Beach

    Matira Beach is one of the only public access beaches in Bora Bora making it extremely popular with visitors. The water is crystal clear and the sand is soft and downy. Matira Beach is also peppered with resorts, shops and eateries, so it’s a convenient place to spend most of a day.Travelers and locals alike have nothing but good things to say about the beach. Most comment on the incredibly blue water and how the shoreline is rarely ever crowded making it the perfect place for some R & R. Some recommend skipping the tour packages that include Matira Beach on their itinerary and instead opt to go on your own when you can spend an entire day soaking up the sun. And if you don’t have time to spend a whole day at the beach, many say the sunsets are at least worth a visit. You’ll find the beach about 4 miles south of Vaitape, and you can get there by bicycle or taxi. You can also drive there; parking is offered at the nearby InterContinental Le Moana.
    Mount Otemanu

    Mount Otemanu is one of two extinct volcanoes at the center of the island. Rising 2,400 feet above the lagoon, this volcanic remnant makes for a dramatic photo op or an adrenaline-pumping adventure. In fact, many say a trip to Bora Bora isn’t complete without a visit to the top of this breathtaking mountain. And fear not, hiking isn’t your only option; you can enjoy Mount Otemanu in all sorts of ways — a 4×4 tour, a boat tour, a helicopter tour or even some casual snapshots on the beach.Many travelers are floored by the mountain’s otherworldly beauty. And the 4×4 jeep tours come highly recommended from past travelers who said they were able to reach the top of the mountain quicker than hikers, which also meant that they were able to spend more time taking in the incredible views and getting some awesome photos.

    4×4 Excursions

    If you have too much sand between your toes and saltwater in your eyes, or you just need a break from Bora Bora’s glorious beaches, consider exploring the island on four wheels. Multiple tour companies, such as Vavau 4×4 Adventures, Natura Discoveryand Tupuna Safari, offer customizable 4×4 island tours. Not only will you get to discover the nooks and crannies of the island, but you’ll also learn about its historical and cultural aspects along with island legends. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride or a bumpy Indiana Jones-style adventure, there are tours that appeal to all kinds of travelers. Packages include everything from half-day cultural island expeditions to romantic sunset and Champagne tours to wild deep safari jungle treks. things to do Plus, most of the tour guides are locals and will be more than willing to share their favorite island secrets. Recent 4×4 tour enthusiasts raved about their excellent tour guides who provided a bunch of interesting historical and cultural facts about the island. In fact, many say their favorite part of the tour was their guide. And travelers say the views are absolutely breathtaking, so make sure to bring your camera. Some do caution against a 4×4 tour for those who are faint of heart as the roads are bumpy, hilly and sometimes even muddy. Just make sure to thoroughly read the tour description, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. For more information on tour prices and schedules, visit the tour companies’ individual websites. Most tour companies pick travelers up directly from their hotels or have centrally located pickup spots.

    Coral Gardens

    On a small islet just east of the main island and directly across from the Sofitel Marara, you’ll find a gorgeous coral reef. Because the reef isn’t far below the water, all you need to bring with you to spy the cache of colorful fish is some snorkeling goggles. But keep in mind that the beaches are filled with coral and not sand, so it gets a little rocky. Many past travelers recommend bringing water shoes or aqua socks to save your feet. Recent visitors rave about the amount of fish and sea life that was visible, as well as the beautiful coloring of the marine life. The Coral Gardens are an extremely popular destination with boat loads of people visiting year-round, so expect to find snorkelers in all directions. That being said, some caution against visiting for those who want to avoid the masses. To reach the Coral Gardens, Tahiti Tourisme suggests a handful of tour operators. You’ll find these operators near the Bora Bora Lagoonarium on a small motu(island) east of the main one. Because the reef hugs the shore, you can get there via a 5-minute boat ride or you can swim there in 20 minutes at Best Places To Visit in Bora Bora


    Let’s be honest: You didn’t come here to sample the city life. But Bora Bora’s main town on the west coast of the island is worth a few hours of your time. You’ll find a number of eateries and boutiques along its central (and unnamed) corridor. Vaitape also boasts a tourist office, a couple of gas stations and a medical center, among other establishments. In fact, the Lagoonarium is located in Viatape, so after swimming with the marine life, check out the rest of the town where you can grab some grub and stroll the local shops.

    If you’re looking for a high-class souvenir, you might want to visit Sibani Perle and purchase some beautiful black pearl jewelry. Recent travelers rave about the pieces they bought from Sibani and the authenticity of the pearls. But if you’re looking for something a tad more affordable, you’ll find that here, too: a slew of smaller stores selling less expensive souvenirs are scattered along the street. things to do

    Boat Tours

    Bora Bora is a boaters dream — whether it be sailboats, glass-bottom boats, speedboats, kayaks, Jet Skis or more, the island has it all. So why not give your body a break from all that swimming and snorkeling, and instead explore Bora Bora’s waters by boat? Tour packages can be customized to each traveler and include everything from half- to full-day and private or public programs. And for those thrill-seekers, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and animal feeding can be added to most itineraries. Some boat tours also include full meals abroad the vessel.

    Lagoon Service, Moana Adventure Tours and Bora Bora Photo Lagoon are a few tour companies that come highly recommended by past travelers, who said the tour guides were fabulous and, of course, the island was breathtaking to explore by sea. Many also enjoyed visiting the island’s hidden lagoons and coves, as well as the learning about the island’s history. And if you plan on doing a longer tour, some recommended making sure a meal is included because once you leave shore, you’re stuck at sea. things to do

    Shark/Stingray Feeding
    Bora Bora’s crystal-clear blue waters and incredibly soft white sand are probably the main reasons you planned a trip in the first place. So what better way to say thank you to Mother Nature than by feeding the animals that live in it? Tour companies, such as Moana Adventure Tours and Reef Discovery, offer snorkeling, and shark and stingray feedings and encounters. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with native blacktip reef sharks and stingrays in their natural habitats. And if you don’t feel comfortable feeding the stingrays and sharks, you’ll still be able to enjoy snorkeling the reefs and seeing the plethora of rainbow-colored fish.things to do

    Past tourgoers said their shark and stingray adventure was the highlight of their Bora Bora vacation. The majority of travelers say it’s a fun activity for the entire family and a great way to explore the ocean floor. And although getting up close and personal with stingrays and sharks may seem scary, many say it’s not, as the sharks are small, the stingrays are harmless and the water is shallow (think: knee-deep). Travelers also noted the tour guides made everyone feel comfortable.
    Bora Bora Lagoonarium
    The Bora Bora Lagoonarium is a natural aquarium on a small motu (island), just east of the main island. (By “natural,” we mean that this aquarium isn’t man-made. Rather, it’s a portion of the actual lagoon). One of the coolest things about this family-owned attraction is that you can actually snorkel on the premises under the supervision of wildlife guides. Beneath the lagoon’s surface, you’ll spy sharks, turtles, rays and many different kinds of ocean fish. And depending on what tour you choose (full-day, half-day morning or half-day afternoon), you’ll enjoy a number of other perks like a canoe tour of the island or a barbeque picnic.

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