Applancer - HR Operation Trainee (Full-time) WANTED!

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    Applancer - HR Operation Trainee (Full-time) WANTED!

    We're looking for our FANTASTIC & AWESOME trainee for HR Operation Department. Follow us!

    1. First Warning:
    - This position only fits Multitaskaholic people with bright brain and high demand of efficiency & accuracy.
    - This is an combination of HR, Marketing and Management which requests you to harmonize feeling, reason and working performance - optimization.

    2. Second Warning: Whether you are fresh-graduate or experienced, the only first thing that you need to accept is to start learning from the ZERO. Your own resource just helps you run faster.

    3. Last warning: Unpaid full-time vacancy with allowance of 1.000.000VND in 2 months before full-time executive review.

    If these three warnings do not disturb or annoy you, we're nearly 60% together. The remaining 40% is your passion with our product/service - and Tech-startup field. If not, you will lose your motivation from the very first day! If yes, it means you want to be hardly challenged and suffered f**king extreme stress. (J/K)

    Welcome to my wish list as the best typical sample of you:
    • Highly organized with a keen attention to detail
    • An open and participatory style that encourages creativity, cooperation and sharing of information across different departments
    • Flexibility and adaptability to a fast-paced working environment
    • Keen interest in social media and power of networking
    • Good computer skills in spreadsheets and word processing
    • Demonstrated flexible attitude and ability to work both autonomously and as part of the team
    • Has a strong stakeholder focus and service-oriented attitude
    4. Who we are?
    Applancer with the main product, TopDev ( ), it is also a platform that helps providing a great deal of IT recruiting services for many major companies in Mobile, IT and Design in Viet Nam. TopDev provides Tech Talent solutions that best meet client needs.

    TopDev often hold Tech Talks and professional technical events monthly where developers and experts meet and share together. Besides, TopDev holds big technical events: Vietnam Mobile Day ( ) and Vietnam Web Summit ( ) with over 10 000 attendees in Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Ha Noi.

    Interested or curious? Send me your splendid resumé via my email with title [Fantastic Trainee - Your fullname]
    * Optional: Please kindly complete very very small test here
    After submitting the result, fill in the form with your Full-name and my email

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