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ALL APP PRESS 2.0 REVIEW sell to related stores And this is just the beginning of the possibilities to move more merchandise with an app And here’s ANOTHER huge opportunity . . .

Other eComm store owners will ALSO want apps for their you can get paid for creating their app, then get paid a retainer for keeping the app updated (a perfect task to hand off to a VA.)


You could quickly become the ‘go-to’ person for app creation by other stores owners in your niche, further diversifying your income streams.

Still MORE Ways to Earn With Apps...

Did you know the website auction site ALSO has an app marketplace?

That’s right, you could build apps with AllAppPress and flip them for a profit!

You could create a very nice ‘hands-off’ income stream by building apps with AllAppPress, because both the website building and app creation tasks could be easily handled by a VA . . .

Just find a hot niche, and monetize with mobile ads, t-shirts, or physical products via Amazon, because if you can show some income, your app will sell for more...

Plus here’s a few MORE ideas to monetize your apps:

Run mobile ads on you app...and create additional monetization from push notifications to your products and affiliate links

Create subscription apps for all kinds of lessons, like cooking, photography and crafts...recurring revenue for the win!

Cross promote to your t-shirt and gear stores to maximize your profits

Recommend niche-related books/DVDs with Amazon affiliate links to your app customers

Kindle authors can provide ‘sneak-peeks’ inside upcoming editions to whet the appetite of their customers, and send a push notification to let their customers know when the books goes live for explosive sales…

Podcasters can not only notify their listeners when a new broadcast goes live, they can also send affiliate links to their guests books and trainings…

All these earnings possibilities exist for you when you pick up AllAppPress today. . . because ALL APP PRESS 2.0 REVIEW lets ANYONE of any skill level create their own app in mere seconds….here’s more….

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