Từ "money" trong tiếng anh!

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    Từ "money" trong tiếng anh!

    Chào các bạn! Chia sẻ với các bạn một số thuật ngữ Tiếng Anh trong kinh tế, mọi người xem có thêm từ mới thì chia sẻ nhé. Chúc cả nhà cuối tuần vui vẻ.

    Definition Terms used The money used in a country (e.g. Euros, dollars, yen, etc…) Currency Money in notes and coins Cash Money paid monthly by an employer A salary Money paid by the day or the hour, usually received weekly Wages Money received for working extra hours Overtime Money paid to salespeople and agents – a certain percentage of the income the employee generates Commission Extra money given for meeting a target or for good financial results Bonus Money paid to professional people such as lawyer and architects Fees Money paid by a company or the government to retired person Pension The money need to set up or start company Capital Repayments of money borrowed to buy a house or flat A mortgage All the money coming into a company during a given period Revenue Money paid by the government to unemployed and sick people Social security The money that a business uses for everyday expenses or has available for spending Working capital or funds The money paid for the use of a house or flat Rent
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