Tổng hợp ebook Listening English

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    Tổng hợp ebook Listening English

    Tổng hợp ebook Listening English

    1. Just listening and speaking 3 levels:
    The Just- Listening & Speaking is designed for individual skills development as part of either a classroom-based course or a self-study programme. The approach is learner-centred, and each unit has clear aims, motivating topics and interesting practice activities.
    The Just Series is a flexible set of teaching materials for use on their own, or in any combination, or as a set to form a complete integrated course. The consistent methodological approach used throughout each book allows for them to be easily used together.

    Ebook: Download
    Audio CD: Download

    Ebook: Download
    Audio CD: Download
    pass nếu cần: ebooktienganh.com

    Ebook: Download
    Audio CD: Download

    2. BBC: Talk about English First Sight Second Thoughts
    Part 1. First impressions.
    Part 2. Coming to terms with English.
    Part 3. Early Days.
    Part 4. Housing.
    PArt 5. Working Life.
    Part 6. Leisure.
    Part 7. Cultural Differences.
    Part 8. Proudest Achievements.
    Part 9. Going Home.


    3. Understanding English Speech
    It is for improve your understanding of English people’s speech. If you would like to understand english speeches better, this learning material is made for you! I tried it and it is really usable to improve your understanding (you can hear the speaker’s voice and you have to type it and the computer checks if your typing is correct or not) and prononcuation (using a microphone you can compare your voice with the original speaker’s


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