Preparing the Perfect Job Application

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    Preparing the Perfect Job Application

    Preparing the Perfect Job Application: Application Forms and Letters Made Easy


    Application forms are designed to filter out unsuitable applicants and to ensure candidates for interview can be assessed objectively. How do you make sure that you pitch yourself properly and ensure your job application is more successful than those of others in the candidate pool? This book holds the answer. Preparing the Perfect Job Application is written for today’s candidate, seeking success in an ever-competitive and more unforgiving jobs market. The book brims with focused, pertinent and insightful advice designed to help you highlight your real talents and demonstrate how they would be useful to your prospective employer on your application form or letter.

    Author: Rebecca Corfield
    Publisher: Kogan Page
    Number of pages: 144
    Format / Quality: PDF
    Size: 11,5 MB

    DOWNLOAD: here

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