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    Hỏi, mong rằng có đáp

    ai giỏi tiếng anh giúp em làm bài này với
    ...ancient Egyptians life... death was eternal
    the notice says: "enter one ... a time"
    make... love, not make...war
    at the end of...busy day, ...sleep is best tonic
    ...safety at work is...major concern for us

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    Tham gia:
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    Lượt thích:
    Kinh nghiệm:
    Nghề nghiệp:
    Sinh Viên
    ĐH Kinh tế - Luật (ĐHQG TPHCM)
    Please help me... :( translate the highlighted sentence into VNese. ^^ plz~~~ :KSV@18: I understand but I don't know what the VNese translation is... :KSV@16:
    p.s: Yuno was busy doing her homework so she didn't have time to have lunch, Hiro was worried about Yuno, so she saved her onigiri (rice ball) for her. Yuno went to Hiro's room say thank to Hiro. (They live in the same apartment building!)

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