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    Eco Vietnam Group - Agent For Change Program Information

    I. Introduction
    Have you ever come back from an community service trip, feeling like you want to do more? Are you interested in making a more sustained and impact difference to a rural community? If yes, come join Agents for Change and be a ChangeMaker!
    ECO Vietnam Group is now looking for 2 passionate Vietnamese youths to embark on a 1-year programme called Agents of Change (AFC) that will culminate in the implementation of a project based on your idea. Over the 1 year, constant mentorship by experienced professionals and training will be provided. One highlight would be a 1-week learning journey to Dhaka, Bangladesh, home to large social enterprises and NGOs, in December 2011.
    An Agent of Change is a program that supported by the National Youth Council, Singapore. AFC is a leadership programme where we hope to develop youths in the region and connect the youth leaders to work together for a sustainable future. The dream is therefore to reach out to as many youths as we can in the Asian region. The youths in the Asian region face challenges arising from widening income gaps, due to uneven development, and environmental issues caused by unsustainable growth and development. Despite these, the fast-paced development in the region creates numerous opportunities for them as well.
    Highlights of the Program
    - You will embark the AFC by the “Now We Can! Learning Journey” to Bangladesh. You will be introduced to the network of NGOs there and your personal capacities are developed. By learning about the successful frameworks of NGOs such as BRAC, BITAC and HOPE 87, you are able to develop the ability to critically evaluate the needs of various communities and to formulate the best solution.
    - You will be in pair with one Singaporean youth during the journey. You two will continue to work through email to develop community/project in Vietnam.You will receive the advise and feedback from your assigned mentors, who has many years of experience in Community an Youth Activities.
    - You will be received the 1500 SGD for the pilot state for your project if it is approved and start to implement the project.
    - EVG will support you to seek funding for this project from government agencies, corporate sponsors or other partners.
    II. Application Procedure
    You are required to fill in the application form and send it to us together with 2-4 minutes video clip and photo story album that contain at least 20 photos. The video clip and photo story album should be related to community/environment as well as clear message from you to other about community/environment. It is up to your creativity for the video clip and photo story album.
    For Ho Chi Minh City:
    First round
    + The deadline for application form, video clip and photo album story submission is 23:59, 24 October 2011
    + Five best applications will be announced by 26 October 2011.
    Final Round
    + Five chosen applicants will depart to Gia Bac commune, Di Linh district, Lam Dong province which is 7 hour away from Ho Chi Minh City. Gia Bac commune is the mountainous area where ECO Vietnam Group has been working for past 2 years to provide the sustainable support for this community.
    + Applicants will be given whole Saturday to explore Gia Bac commune as well as the effort have been done here by EVG.
    + Applicants have freedom to go around and interact with all the people in Gia Bac commune. Applicant is required to do a pecha kucha presentation (http://www.pecha-kucha.org/) about Gia Bac community in later.
    28 October 2011, 7pm: Depart to Gia Bac by private car.
    29 October 2011: Spending time in Gia Bac commune
    30 October 2011: 8am: Depart to Ho Chi Minh City
    07 November 2011: Final Presentation
    The chosen applicant will be announced by 11 November 2011.
    For Ha Noi
    First round
    + The deadline for application form, video clip and photo album story submission is 23:59, 28 October 2011
    + Five best applications will be announced by 30 October 2011
    Final round
    + Five chosen applicants will be interviewed in 5 November 2011
    The chosen applicant will be announced by 11 November 2011.
    Please like two pages below for keeping update information about Agent of Change and community development project. Get more information about EVG and the community project, connect toYou can download the application form from the link below.Example of video clip that we are looking for
    Video Clip này được chèn từ YouTube. Bạn có thể xem trên các trình duyệt có hỗ trợ HTML5.

    If you have any questions, you can contact Harry at harrypham86@gmail.com
    Thank a lot and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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