[Download Ebook] "Linux Firewalls"

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    [Download Ebook] "Linux Firewalls"

    Ebook " Linux Firewalls"
    Title: Linux Firewalls
    Author: Michael Rash
    Length: 338 pages
    Format: PDF
    Language: English
    Publication Date: 2007

    Book descriptions
    System administrators need to stay ahead of new security vulnerabilities that leave their networks exposed every day. A firewall and an intrusion detection systems (IDS) are two important weapons in that fight, enabling you to proactively deny access and monitor network traffic for signs of an attack. Linux Firewalls discusses the technical details of the iptables firewall and the Netfilter framework that are built into the Linux kernel, and it explains how they provide strong filtering, Network Address Translation (NAT), state tracking, and application layer inspection capabilities that rival many commercial tools. You'll learn how to deploy iptables as an IDS with psad and fwsnort and how to build a strong, passive authentication layer around iptables with fwknop.

    Table of contents
    Chapter 1: Care and Feeding of iptables 9
    Chapter 2: Network Layer Attacks and Defense 35
    Chapter 3: Transport Layer Attacks and Defense 49
    Chapter 4: Application Layer Attacks and Defense 69
    Chapter 5: Introducing psad: The Port Scan Attack Detector 81
    Chapter 6: psad Operations: Detecting Suspicious Traffic 99
    Chapter 7: Advanced psad Topics: From Signature Matching to OS Fingerprinting 113
    Chapter 8: Active Response with psad 131
    Chapter 9: Translating Snort Rules into iptables Rules 149
    Chapter 10: Deploying fwsnort 173
    Chapter 11: Combining psad and fwsnort 193
    Chapter 12: Port Knocking vs Single Packet Authorization 213
    Chapter 13: Introducing fwknop 231
    Chapter 14: Visualizing iptables Logs 257

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