Aiesec Regional Recruitment 2011

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    Aiesec Regional Recruitment 2011

    AIESEC Regional Recruitment 2011
    Official website:

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    AIESEC Introduction
    Present in over 107 countries and territories and with over 50,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organization. Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential and to make a positive impact on society.
    AIESEC Vietnam was established in October, 2006. Up to now there are more than 250 members in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with 5 Local Chapters.

    AIESEC Regional Recruitment 2011
    We are now running AIESEC Regional Recruitment 2011 to offer students the opportunities to gain international experience, professional skills and leadership development. By this way, students would be developed into a leader with awareness about global issues as global citizen. They are not only encouraged to be successful in their own life but also make a positive impact on their society.
    International Experience: Students can go through our Exchange program to work in students project in other country. There they will gain international exposure and cultural understanding.
    Professional Skils: By joining AIESEC, students have the opportunity to work in teams. For example working in external relations team they will be able to develop their communication and presentation skills.
    Leadership Development: There are several leadership opportunities a member can apply for such as Project leader of a Societial Impact project.

    Selection Procedure
    Our selection process is designed to assess applicants' various competencies. We wish to match the need of the individuals to the need of our organization

    You are encouraged to join the information seminar for better understanding about the program as well as having the chance to interact with AIESEC members.

    Date: Mar 19th 2011 and Mar 27th 2011
    Link to register:

    Deadline: Mar 31st 2011
    Link to download:

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    Ah thank you for sharing this information, i have heard about AIESEC for a long time