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Affiliate marketing is an effective marketing strategy
This is the process of earning a commission by promoting services or products of other companies. Once affiliates refer a sale to you, they get paid a commission. There are few numbers to prove that Affiliate Marketing is real effectively process to increase merchant sale and this marketing method growing up significantly.

Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the world’s fastest growing and best internet marketing techniques to earn money online and I will explain why

  • Cost effective: Marketing on the internet is cheap and you don’t have to worry about the production cost as the product is already developed by the seller. You don’t need a physical business location or hire employees either.

  • Global Market:Online marketing gives you the opportunity to reach people all over the world easily.

  • No Fees: You don’t need to pay anything to join affiliate programs.

  • No Storage No Shipping:You don’t need to worry about storage, packing or shipment of the product. They are all taken care of by us.

  • No customer support:You don’t need to provide any customer support or deal with consumer complaints as we do that for you.

  • Passive income:A regular job can give you a fixed income as long as you continue to work. Depending on your marketing skill Affiliate marketing can create a steady flow of income even when you are not in front of your computer.

  • Work from home:If you make enough money then you don’t have to worry about going to work at the same time every day or getting stuck in traffic. You can work in the comfort of your own home.
Build Affiliate Campaign
Store admin has rights to create as well as manage clearly unlimited campaigns through the name of campaign, active time, status and priority. With each Affiliate program, you can reward different commissions amount to specific Affiliate groups. Besides, it is necessary to set the priority for a new campaign, and the campaign, whose priority is higher, is active first.


Unlimited Affiliate Accounts
Store Admin can control all information related to the members in Affiliate network. The email, Affiliate group, credit information and their transactions are noted in detail.


Pay Per Sale
The setting of Pay Per Sale is applied when your Affiliate creates a sale.

There are 3 types of commissions you can pay for Affiliate: Percentage of grand total, percentage of profits and fixed amount. Moreover, the commission Affiliate earns from the first order may be higher, equal or lower than the next orders, that depends on your strategy. Especially, you can allow Affiliate to get more rewards from multiple tiers when his downlines create any sale.


Manage Withdrawals
The Affiliate program becomes more exciting because commissions are allowed to withdraw cash. Store admin can limit the withdrawal amount by requesting the maximum and minimum number.
All withdrawals are saved in the table management and both wait for admin’s approvals. Furthermore, in Magento Admin, you also have rights to add the withdrawal from Affiliate’s accounts.
The extension supports 3 major payment methods: Offline payment, PayPal payment, and Bank transfer, so you can use any payment you like.


Manage Banners & Links
By installing Magento 2 Affiliate module, it is possible to generate promotional materials (banners and referral links) by yourself. The fantastic tools will serve Affiliates during the process of recommending your products to the others.


Milestone contains a thousand of lifetime events. Its aim is making an enormous Affiliate’s efforts to earn more and more commissions by reaching a number of commissions, referrals, sales (any tier) and so on. Besides, you can also put Affiliate into higher rank with superior benefits. For example from Gold to Platinum, Platinum to Diamond. This is one of the smart ways to establish the loyalty program.


Set Commissions
Commissions are the main factor to motivate the development of your Affiliate network. Thus, let consider to offer the relevant number for Affiliate’s activities.Magento 2 Affiliate module allows paying commissions depending on a number of sales, clicks, leads and miles.

Banner Promotion
You can create multiple eye-catching banners in the forms as images, flash, text or CMS Static Block. All created banners is saved clearly:
Basing on your strategy, the banners might be attractive and suitable as expectation. Each click/ expression is the right base so that the Affiliate receive the deserved rewards.

Referral Links
Do not need to seed the long and complex link one by one, with Affiliate software, the referral links can be shortened by Shorten Link plugin and modified by Smart Link plugin.
Especially, you can allow Affiliates who own the individual website to auto-place the referral link on their page by Direct Link plugin. Just choose Enable option in the Direct Link configuration.

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click is counted if Affiliate uses banners to refer and store owner takes responsibility to set conversion rate from clicks into money.

Affiliate program divides the clicks into 2 types which are raw clicks and unique clicks. The raw clicks are from the same IPs while the unique clicks are the one implemented by different IPs. Thus, the rate of the unique clicks is usually greater than the raw click’s so that you will evaluate rightly the Affiliate program.

Pay Per Lead
In the Pay Per Lead configuration, you will set commissions for some actions Affiliate generates such as registration or newsletter subscription. In case customer unsubscribe or delete the account, the Affiliate might be deducted commissions if need.

Pay Per Mile
This is the advanced Affiliate solution from Magento 2 Affiliate Extension. Affiliate will receive commissions only when he reach exact number impression of a banner.

Email Notification
Email Notification is sent to both store admin and Affiliate if there is any change of Affiliate account such as signup new account, withdraw, plus/deduct commissions,... The email surely helps both of sides self-manage Affiliate program well.

Report Data
Magento 2 Affiliate Report plugin is the support tool to review, evaluate and adjust the Affiliate program how to gain your business target in the certain time period from generally to specifically.

  • Sale Report: Total sales amount and earned commissions of each Affiliate.
  • Click/Impression Report Total click and impression on individual banner.
  • Click/Impression Report