Hot hair trend to go to school 2019


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While attending school, even though they did not make up and dress up as they were when they went out, the girls still had a lot of ways to make themselves look better, from adding accessories to a uniform to the change the different hairstyles. The ideal hair for the “back to school” must be neat, cool but also young and cute. Let’s take a look at the familiar but never-old-fashioned hairstyles for girls at school.

Sock bun


  • The sock bun is always on the top of the list of the most popular female hairstyles, especially in the summer. This hairstyle is not only cool but also makes your girlfriend’s face brighter and more beautiful. The trendy girls can decorate their buns with ribbons to add to the beauty. If your hair is thin, but you still want your bun to look big, borrow the “donut” accessory and beat the hair before the bun. Also, if you add extra bangs, the sock bun will be extremely lovely

  • Although cheap human wavy hair is not graceful as much as sock bun but ponytail is still the traditional hairstyles in many lecture halls. The ponytail tends to be neat, neat and fit for many faces and it only takes few of seconds to complete. Like buns, you can also decorate your ponytail with iridescent lacing, ribbon cuffs, etc., to add a touch of prominence and cute
Central part

  • If the ponytail symbolizes youthfulness and dynamism, the central part is feminine, with gentle tone. Central part hair looks a lot better when you tilt slightly. On the days when you want to “change” more sophisticated, you can tie the hair and then bending curly to get more hair style. Tucking your hair first before curling will save a lot of time and you only have a few minutes to have an eye-catching hair style.
Side part braid

  • Braid hair may seem to take a long time, but it is very simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. The focus is on the soft, natural Vietnam Virgin hair so not to be afraid to ask you to braid beautifully, so that it can be manipulated quickly, a little carelessness still have beautiful hairstyles. Side part braid is especially suitable for ladies who have shoulder length.
Cornrow hairstyle


  • In the last, cornrow hair was thought to be old-fashionable and traditional but nowadays many active girlfriends choose this hair to go to school. It is not fussy, but the braided hair with the two sides always makes sense at first sight by the neat and pretty appearance in a gentle, obedient way.
Braid hair combines with hair band

  • Although cheap hair extensions band is not as fussy as other trendy accessories but hair band with shape of rabbit ears or like icebergs are hot every summer and chosen by girls. With a clip in hair extensions band of bright colors and cute prints, you simply tie or bun hair so that your hair will be outstanding and beautiful.