Chơi Game Great Blue Slots Online tại scr888

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    Chơi Game Great Blue Slots Online tại scr888

    You don't need to dive too deep to uncover some of Earth's most impressive creatures. The Great Blue Slots game offers gamers a window into the deep, dark expanse that covers the plurality of our planet – the ocean. With 5 reels and 25 paylines filled with exotic creatures such as Pearls, Coral Fish, Starfish, Sea Turtles, Seahorses, Orcas, and Sharks which are plus brilliant aquatic graphics and intriguing sounds, the Great Blue slots simply qualifies as one of the most compelling online slot games at our Scr888 casino online.

    Great Blue Payouts

    Note: To take max payout amounts, remember to Bet Max. The number of coins listed below will be multiplied by the max coin amount for huge jackpot achieves!

    Great Blue Bonuses

    There are a number of bonus features for the Great Blue slots, containing:

    Hit 5 Pearls (the first scatter images) across the 5 reels and you'll multiply your winnings by 5x.

    Hit 3 Shells (the other scatter image) and you'll also activate the bonus round during which you'll select 2 shells from a selection of 5 to reveal free spins and multipliers.

    Hit the Orca (the wild) anywhere on the reels and any winning combination during that spin will be doubled!

    After a winning spin, you can activate the Gamble feature. Select whether the top card on a deck of cards is black or red after wagering up to double your earnings. If you're right, you'll achieve loads of money, but if you're wrong, you'll lose the money won during your previous spin!

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    If it is not enough for such adventure as you, activate another bonus feature to achieve more. Gamble Feature can be a finding for the most risky gamers. Then select the card color. It can be red or black. If you guess right – the prize is yours. The max amount you can double your prize is $2,000. You have splash golden waters of happiness and great achieves with online slot machine malaysia to play now. Lucky fishing is guaranteed!

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