Cách dùng giới từ IN - ON - AT

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    Cách dùng giới từ IN - ON - AT


    In+century (in the twenty-first century)
    In+decade (in the 1940s;in the ninties)
    In+year (in 1987)
    In+season (in the spring)
    In+month (in October)
    In+parts of the day(in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening)
    In(or within) is also used with amounts of time (I’ll be home in (within) an hour.

    In the world
    In+continent (in Africa)
    In+body of water (in the Caribean)
    In+country (in Thailand)
    In+state/province (in Ontario)
    In+city (in Munich)
    In+building (in the Empire State Building)
    In+room (in the kitchen)

    In+clothing (in a grey suit)
    In+language (in Chinese)
    In+book (in The Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test)
    In+newspaper (in the International Herald Tribune)
    In+magazine (in Asia week)
    In+department (in the legal department)
    In+field (in computer science)
    In+a person’opinion (in my opinion)
    In the past/future
    In a car/taxi
    In trouble
    In danger (of)
    In front of
    In the middle of
    In back of
    In the rear
    In the market (for) (=trying to buy something)
    In line
    In the process (of)


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