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  1. Sun Shine

    Mơ một hạnh phúc - Hiền thục

    Khi gặp nhau, tình yêu hé nở nụ cười, Nắng mai làm hồng đôi tim ấm nồng. Bao mộng mơ, ước muốn, luôn luôn làm anh vui, Lòng thầm mang ơn trời đã cho anh gần em. Bao ngày qua, niềm vui cũng đã nhạt màu Với anh, mộng mị cho anh nỗi phiền. Bao buồn vui giấu kín, không biết kể cùng ai, Sợ người...
  2. Sun Shine

    Lucky Jason Mraz fr Colbie Caillat

    They don't know how long it takesWaiting for a love like thisEvery time we say goodbyeI wish we had one more kissI'll wait for you I promise you, I willI'm lucky I'm in love with my best friendLucky to have been where I have beenLucky to be coming home againLucky we're in love every wayLucky to...
  3. Sun Shine


  4. Sun Shine

    Hit The Lights

    It's the boy who never told I like you It's the girl you let get away It's the one you saw that day on the train But you freaked out and walked away It's the plane you wanna catch to vegas Things you swear you do before you die It's the city you love that waits for you But you're too scared to...
  5. Sun Shine

    What doesn't kill you?

    You know the bed feels warmer Sleeping here alone You know I dream in color And do the things I want You think you got the best of me Think you've had the last laugh Bet you think that everything good is gone Think you left me broken down Think that I'd come running back Baby, you don't know...
  6. Sun Shine

    It Hurts!

    따듯하게 밥이나 지어주려 왔으니 문 좀 열어 금방 가줄게 걱정말아 다시는 나 안울어 이제는 나도 싫어 사랑따윈 싫어 이렇게 날 그냥 세워 둘거니 마지막 정도 못주니 야속하게 아파 아이야 아파 아이야 너무 아파서 니 이름을 불러봐도 아니야 이젠 아니야 너의 사랑 난 이미 아니야 지나가는 사람들 내게 물어 괜찮으냐고 물어 안쓰러운지 살을 파고 드는 바람이 추워 하지만 난 기다려 이대로는 못 가 혹시 지금 누군가와 있다면 넌 정말 나쁜놈이야 아니라해 아파 아이야 아파 아이야 너무 아파서 니 이름을 불러봐도 아니야 이젠 아니야 너의...
  7. Sun Shine

    Where's my love

    Where's my love The one for me Somewhere too far Not close enough for me to see Where's my love Who could you be Someone i knew but Let slip through While dreaming of you Oh love Oh love Come to me Where's my love Give me a clue Give me a time Show me a place I might find you Where's my love...
  8. Sun Shine

    A Lover's Concerto

    Lyric: * How gentle is the rain, that falls softly on the meadow. Birds high up on the trees, serenade the clouds with their melodies. Repeat: Oh! See there beyond the hill, the bright colors of the rainbow. Some magic from above. Made this day for us, just to fall in love. You'll...
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