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    1. hell_angel1795
      An interview with Furuya rei VA from the movie extras

      Q: Why kuroda said "bourbon" in the movie?!
      A: Cuz i think that he is his boss at work and he is the one who send him to the BO as "bourbon"

      Q: Do you think that there is double agents if that true that would be so sensitive and dangerous .... and who do you think would be( the double agent)?
      A:What about Kazami?! He seems to be loyal and honest , but actually i think he is watching "Bourbon"

      Q: Do you think that kuroda from the BO?!
      A:That is not supposed to be

      Q:Why was "Amuro" standing like this between the two bridges, he had to move alittle bit to cover himself from the rain?
      A:Cuz he loves to get wet

      Personally, i like the speculation which says that Haibara lost her BO sense after the mystery train case because there is no more threat on her (since that the BO now think Sherry is dead)

      ZTT spoilers
      The cover of the chapter 18 for Azusa and Midori (valuable target)
      Midori visits the Cafe and asks for the menu
      Then starts to talk with Azusa about fish and barbeque
      Then we move to borboun is some place at night spying
      Then we see him ifront of kudo's family house gathering some informations
      While Okiya watching him from behind the curtains
      Then Furuya goes home and seeing Haru with his problems with bed and house stuff
      Something happens between Amuro and Haru and Amuro tells him the title of the chapter and it is ok to wait
      The Amuro goes out for fishing and remember the fishing in his childhood with hiromitsu (Scotch)
      In the end we move back to the cafe with the fish and chapter ends with a smile
      In the next issue Furuya , Kazami and hobbies
      In the issue 47 they gonna publish 2 chapters (19 and 20)
      The issue cove will be for ZTT
      With poster for Rei and Hanzawa-san
      The issue 47 will be huge cuz of these things;
      1- 2 chapters for ZTT
      2- the issue cover will be for ZTT
      3- some secert notes from gosho for some storyboards of DC manga espicially the series of the boss of BO

      I've always felt very odd regarding Kuroda's swap theory.
      a)The mid-coma swap is absurd and contrived.(Somebody mimicking every injury of Kuroda yet forgetting to dye the hair sounds obnoxiously hilarious.)
      b)But on the other hand Marie-Antenoitte syndrome is just garbage stuff.
      c) So a swap happened but not Mid-coma, so my theory would be that Kuroda wasn't the only one who came across the accident.
      d)There was someone who had a similar facial structure like original Kuroda and had no id on him.
      e) During the accident the original Kuroda got burnt into cinders while this guy was alive, the rescuers mistook this guy as Kuroda and took him to the Hospital, his face was badly burnt along and in the commotion nobody noticed that whether his hair was white or black.
      The nurse who probably knew Kuroda beforehand, was astonished to see his hair getting changed.
      The original Kuroda dyed his hair and during bandaged session the black dye just worn off.

      Kuroda's eyebrow, unless Tsutomu used gene therapy that can't be explained(Kuroda is not a disguise)
      Wakita came out after Kogoro was seen around Hotta(a person who rumoured to have info about Kohji case.)
      Kuroda's reaction is totally bullshit if he is Tsutomu, then he would know Rumi is not Rum so why target her? If want to investigate her ask Bourbon about her.
      Frame the situation in a way where he think BO is keeping a tab over Conan, thus he as the superior informing Amuro @Struglez
      Also I already had articulated my reasoning for why Kuroda is not Tsutomu.

      another idea was:
      Kuroda is attacked by BO..... Tsutomu with white hair was hurt the same way too.... because of similar wounds and built, he and his connections helped him take Kuroda's place the moment Kuroda died during coma (without the hospital finding out), and after his wounds healed, he was taken into a private house to "sleep those 10 years" there, when in reality, he was investigating BO (without officially coming back as new Kuroda)

      third idea:
      Someone else made the call of turning Tsutomu into Kuroda while both where in a coma, and orginal Kuroda died, so Tsutomu was indeed in that 10 year coma with his white hair as new Kuroda.

      Similarly like first one, Tsutomu became Kuroda before the coma but never got a chance to take Kuroda's place.... and then during the coma, someone washed off his dye so that the hospital wouldn't notice that his hair was dyed to begin with
    2. hell_angel1795
      p.14 Koumei: Throwing at mice…
      Koumei: while avoiding the utensils* (* Japanese idiom)
      Jiro: Eh?
      Koumei: Wanting to get rid of mice by throwing things at them, but being afraid to hit the nearby utensils, thus being unable to throw anything… In the same way, Kid ought to be unable to steal the ring even though he wants to… Koumei: This sound is a bluff! [SFX: don don don]
      Koumei: Let us wait for the door to open!
      Conan (thoughts): Is that really…
      Conan (thoughts): the case?!
      Nakamori: 3… 2…
      Nakamori: 1…
      Nakamori: 0!!
      [SFX: click]
      Nakamori: You two, don’t move!!
      Nakamori: What’s this black cloth?!
      Conan (thoughts): I see! The cloth that fell from the ceiling was black at the corners…
      [SFX: rustle]
      Thoughts: Wha?!
      p.16 Heiji: What’s this?!
      Conan: There’s a bunch of rings in the ice?!
      Nakamori: H-how on earth?!
      Heiji: It’s really magic…
      Guy: W-wait a moment…
      Guy: I-In the middle…
      Guy: A long tunnel has been opnened…
      Guy: The jewel…
      Guy: is gone?!
      Kid’s note: I claimed the Fairy’s Lip —Kaitou Kid
      Side note: The jewel… disappeared through multiplication?!
      1. Gió núi mùa hạ thích điều này.
    3. hell_angel1795
      ẢnhTênTuổi Nghề nghiệp Ghi chú
      [​IMG]Tachibana Kyoko29Luật sư tự dobiệt danh:
      [​IMG]Haba FumikaruKhông rõCựu sinh viên luật của Tachibanađã chết (tự sát)
      [​IMG]Iwai Sayoko40Công tố viên Tokyo, cục điều tra công annạn nhân 2
      [​IMG]Kusakabe Makoto40Công tố viên Tokyo, cục điều tra công an cấp dưới của Iwai, thủ phạm
      [​IMG]Shokoku Sayoko26Phát thanh viên truyền hình thực tếcùng họ tên với diễn viên lồng tiếng cho nhân vật này
    4. shinranshi4869
      Làm quen chị ợ:3
      1. EmyeuDC, Gió núi mùa hạMiyanoMai thích điều này.
      2. Xem các bình luận trước...
      3. hell_angel1795
        thế thì cho tớ cái link đi, tại nhóm RKT cũng dịch MV20 mà, đang soi để sửa những chỗ dịch sai :v
        MiyanoMai thích điều này.
      4. hell_angel1795
        mà thôi khỏi em, ss tìm ra rồi, cảm ơn em nhiều
        MiyanoMai thích điều này.
      5. shinranshi4869
        MiyanoMai thích điều này.
    5. Duyên 1412
      Làm quen ạ :))
      1. MiyanoMai thích điều này.
      2. Xem các bình luận trước...
      3. hell_angel1795
        cứ cho là vậy ^^
        MiyanoMaiDuyên 1412 thích điều này.
      4. Duyên 1412
        MiyanoMai thích điều này.
      5. hell_angel1795
        biểu cảm thế là sao :v
        MiyanoMai thích điều này.
    6. Kanto Kalos
      Ghé chị Hell.
      1. hell_angel1795
        tối ấm em nha
      2. Kanto Kalos
        Kanto Kalos
        Dạ chị cũng vậy nhé.
        hell_angel1795 thích điều này.
    7. vitaminlove angelran
      Hell ơi. Game trùng trên Ksv có xoá không a?
      1. hell_angel1795
        nếu bên dưới chưa trả lời thì xóa luôn
        Nếu trả lời ít thì gộp 2 topic lại
        trả lời nhiều thì để im
      2. vitaminlove angelran
        vitaminlove angelran
        Mới trả lời được 2 trang ạ. =))
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