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    Giải đề thi WRITING TASK 2- Năng lượng hạt nhân.

    Topic: Nuclear power is considered to be roughly the best energy compared with other energy sources to meet growing energy demand in the world. Do you agree or disagree?


    Nuclear power is often used in developed countries. Some people believe that compared with other sources, it is the best one in terms of cost-effectiveness while others claim that it is extremely dangerous in case of nuclear leakage or explosion. I partly agree with the statement for the following reasons.

    It is, first, argued that nuclear energy is mass produced. Solar or wind energy which is derived from natural resources proves limited while nuclear energy is created in great quantities by applying high technology. Nevertheless, so as to build nuclear power plants demands a great amount of time and effort. It is estimated to take more than a decade to finish a plant whereas governments, at the same time, put all effort in training experts to run it. High technology and expertise are required in the completion of nuclear power plants, in other words.

    Second, the belief is that this source reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in comparison with its counter-part and saves the exploitation of other natural resources. According to scientific statistics, the rate of carbon dioxide discharged from burning waste and hydro power is ten times as high as that from nuclear energy. Besides, once nuclear power dominates, there is no need for governments to try to make use of other limited natural resources like wind, solar or water. Yet, in case of unwanted accidents, risks caused by nuclear explosion are far more hazardous. Chernobyl in Russia is a telling example. Thousands of people suffered respiration problems while the next generation were faced with birth defects. Environmentally speaking, the entire area near the explosion was submerged into radioactivity environment, leaving people unable to live.

    In brief, nuclear energy has its both pros and cons. Depending on economic condition and long-term plans of each nation, government can use it or apply others to meet the demand of their citizens.

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